Lake Placid is well thought of as a 'Destination Wedding' city: it is. And I can assure you, there's no better venue than 'High Peaks Resort'. With varied locations for Ceremony & Cocktail Party & Reception, it's a fave of mine to play at & Gina Cimaglia can give you the details. Working with her & the entire staff at HPR is a pleasure. You'll think so too!
Windsor Mansion Inn is an airy, beautiful venue with gorgeous views, located in the bucolic town of Windsor, VT. See the tent next to the Inn? It's installed on solid, treated wood deck, that drains, versus a lawn or yard that might retain rain or moisture, so rain or shine, you're good to go! They use Blood's Catering quite often so it's easy to work with them! Click on link above or pic!
So, when I speak of Blood's Catering, here's what I say: "When I play a Wedding they're catering, it's the best food I'll have that 'season'. No kidding. But they are also a 'single source' for everything incl: tents, chairs, tables, linens, silverware, plates, etc...even service staff! I mean: the whole enchilada! With 50 years in the business, they work all over NH & VT & I highly encourage you to contact Tanya Blood & make sure to mention my name!
For you folks considering Southern Vermont & the Manchester, VT area for your Wedding Ceremony + Reception, a 'repurposed' venue, Johnny Seesaw's, right next to Bromley Mountain, has been lovingly restored & vastly improved & offers a gorgeous setting for a larger tented reception, as well as smaller 'inside' spots for your more intimate events. Please contact Kim Prins, one of the co-owners at 802-856-7560 or click on link above for more info!
For you folks considering Southern Vermont & Ludlow/Okemo area for your Wedding Ceremony + Reception, a great spot is the Castle Hill Resort & Spa. Why? Killer tented venue; enough rooms for an entire wedding & walkable from the tent & gorgeous Spa w/full Beauty Salon! Please contact Lisa at 802-226-7361 or click on link above for more info!
I ski at Okemo & I've played weddings at Okemo (it's right around the block for me!) & can assure you, dovetailing in a Ceremony outside or at top of Summit with the views is lovely experience. As well, their 'Roundhouse' is killer for Reception, as it offers two levels of space. Great food, lovely service folks & great management. Worth looking into!
Just need tent + tables + chairs & dance floor?  I work with Green Mountain Tents all the time & can assure you: A+  Mention my name!
Using a tent, big crowd & don't want your septic to suffer?  Smart move, trust me. Basic portable head(s)?  Get in touch with HB, click here.