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Before you enter...a few words from a Pro who's played over 1000 weddings

Well worth your time. 

A. I've played wedding receptions that cost $500+/guest, in extravagant locations & venues.

B. I've played wedding receptions that cost $0.00/guest, where all the food, bevvies, ice, etc. were prepared & brought in BY the guests, an hour before the newly married couple arrived from their Ceremony & Pictures. In Grange Halls, VFW's, American Legions, Barns (I mean barns) & tents in the middle of nowhere.

Besides the fact that I work just as hard at either one...

I can assure you that besides it being the happiest day of a couple's  life, to that day, as well as being super important to share that day with their family & friends who get to be there with them,
there's one other thing both (A) & (B) share:


Once the Cocktail Hour is over. Once I introduce the wedding party, parents, special guests. Once I introduce, 'for the first time' the Couple as 'married'. Once the 'First Dances', the  special dances re: Father/Daughter & Mother/Son & the Toasts & then Dinner & Cake Cutting is over... 

The only thing that the guests will then remember
Is how much fun they had dancing for the last two-three hours of the Reception.

Tuxes versus Suits; Gowns versus Dresses; Heels versus scootin Boots; Chandeliers versus Strung Bulbs; Long Stem Wine Glasses versus Mason Jars; Three Tiered Cakes versus Cupcakes...

None of those things matter once we're on the home stretch of the Reception.


1. Your favorite relatives or friends who never dance: DO

2. You & your spouse/partner never wish to leave the dance floor.

3. Dance floor is so hot, every 20 minutes I need to throw in a slow dance, to cool down.

4. When I announce the last dance, everyone groans & you both ask that I stay another hour.

Why? Because: No One Wants The Night To End. 

Ultimately, that's my real job as a Wedding DJ. The rest: I make look easy because we are 'prepared'.

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