Audio Equipment

As Pro DJ's, we need to be able to deliver music via the finest & most dependable audio equipment. Since we care, you should too. And when 'shopping' for DJ's, make sure to compare 'apples-to-apples'. We use at least two 800 Watt, 15" Alto Mains & two, 15-18", 1000-1200 Watt Subwoofers. Any DJ who does not use 'subbies' = poser. There's no such thing as a 'hot' dance floor without them. As far as our 'footprint', we use our own compact 'DJ Stand' & can fit 4000 watts of audio plus ourselves into a 6'x4' area. Or we can bring as much as 15,000 watts of power & enough lights to light the night!


Always included at no extra charge we feature Chauvet Professional DJ Lighting.
All our lighting is the latest LED designs, allowing for less power needs, cooler running temperatures & producing the neatest effects both on the dance floor & room perimeter.
Click on above video for a taste!

We also offer Pro UpLighting & GOBO logo effect unit for your intials, etc. 
We carry music from the 50's to Timberlake's latest at all times. But each week, we are sent 2-300 fresh 'cuts' direct from the record 'labels', every genre from Rock-Pop-AC- Country-Urban-Christian. You will be invited to request your favorites, no matter how 'off beat' & we guarantee to be able to provide those songs. Via above, we receive  'Live Promotion Use Only'  versions & remixes too!

PS: Want some Karaoke at your reception? No problem, just ask about it!

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The Wedding Pros are a group of talented DJ's, outfitted, trained & working under the guidance of a 35+ Year Pro DJ, serving Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Eastern NY State.
With more than 30 years & over 1000 weddings worth of experience, we know what it takes
to put together a perfect plan & make sure thngs run like clockwork!


Inspiring Creativity & Dedication to Excellence