DJ Greg

To put it mildly, Greg's one of the most talented & creative young men I've met since moving to Vermont. A senior at Castleton University, Greg has grasped the 'universality' of playing Weddings, versus all other gigs & puts the 'DJ Ego' aside to play 'to' you & your guests. But talent? Well, he played my own wedding BEFORE we started working together, how's that for confidence?

DJ Luke

I met Luke when I showed up for a Wedding Reception with no power/A/C/ice & it was 90 degrees He, like I, showed up super early & we worked to open windows, cool the place down & be prepared for running on a generator, of which there were none! He was working it as a videographer & so impressed me, I got together with him, measured his musical knowledge, the rest is history!

We lost three DJ's this past fall to professional relocations. We're not interested in having a dozen DJ's...just 4-5 so we can serve up 'quality', not quantity, to our clients. And no, we don't just 'do' weddings. And we supply all Audio, Lighting, Software & Music. Let's talk about it!

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