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Hello & Happy First Week Of April!

Well, could this be any weirder? Yes & No.
So let me update you on my plans/services for upcoming 'Wedding Season', ok?

  1. I am 'otherwise' self-employed, I don't rely on DJ work to pay all my bills.
  2. My 'other job' does not get in way of my DJ work, it's 'on my own schedule' & is totally unaffected by the current Covid-19 Virus issue.
  3. I 'own' all my gear, my legal music is 'pre-paid' for a full year.
  4. My professional liability insurance is as well 'pre-paid' for a full year.
  5. Therefore, because of (1)-(5) above, the Covid-19 Virus situation does not affect me being fully prepared to service your Wedding music needs, even on a spur of the moment 're-book' if your current 'Saturday' needs to be rescheduled. 
  6. Since I don't require a 'deposit' (see inside for details) we can book now, get this out of the way & if you (or venue) is not comfortable hosting your Wedding Reception by it's date, 'so be it', you owe me nothing & I'm at your service to rebook, on a Saturday, Sunday or a Friday or 'anyday'. 
Let's get the DJ part of your planning out of the way!

Click here to get going