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May 16, 2020

UPDATE: all my May +  June + July Wedding Receptions: cancelled. However, some Clients are having their Ceremonies, which sparked great idea that half-dozen seized upon: plan a 'casual dress, tent/dance floor/apps+fingerfoods + simple bevvie(s) WEDDING CELEBRATION for later in 'season'.


Y'all in VT/NE NY/NH/MA got 'yards & lots & farms' (& barns) & we can do this! I've quite a bit of experience in planning/setting these types of gigs up (vendors, suppliers, servers) & be glad to work with y'all on it. No kidding, we 'pencil in the plans' & God (if you believe) willing, we have 'therapy' for Covid-19; 14 day quarantine lifted; State allows the event to happen. Maybe far flungers don't travel in/maybe do, but we fit Celebration of your Wedding in 'in' 2020. LMK if above is a plan 4 u & as 4 me, I'm avail 7 days/week 2 make this happen!

OK, below was posted a month ago, but I'll leave it up....


  1. If you wish to be married in 2020 & your favorite Saturday is taken, consider a Sunday, or a Friday if the venue can 'turn-around' from a Friday or Saturday wedding. If not....
  2. Then my best advice is to move to a mid-week wedding. Yes, now you might get lose some folks re: travel or work, but then again, you might not, or they'll take a few vacation days (yay!) and guess what:
    • Mid-week weddings = no pressure on the venue. Staff + Chefs + Management are 'fresh'.
    • Service Staff? Consider this bonus territory...they love mid-week events.
    • Will mean a nice discount, considering most mid-weeks are 'dark' (what  you call a club or restaurant on a closed night) 

IF, if you're open to a 'Southern Vermont' location I have a very solid referral to make to you, a venue where you 'own' the Inn & 'Property' for the Weekend or a Three Day Period. Sound good? It is. 
I'm aware they have three weekends in September & two in October open, right now but re: mid-weeks? Woo-wee, I'd highly consider:

Located in Ludlow, VT
Ask for Juliette, their Wedding Planner

Gorgeous grounds, tent/dance floor great 
& hotels right up the road for overflow
Now, let's get the DJ part of your planning out of the way! Click here to get going